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The "Dream Weaver" Kids Weighted Blanket

5 star

Love my weighted blanket, especially helps with restless legs and I often get restless body, this blanket has kept that at bay allowing me to sleep. This blanket keeps me cool as well. Love the weight of it, I'm 5'2" and 138 lbs so it is perfect at 15 lbs. So glad I got this blanket.

Great value

Great quality for the price

Love this Blanket!

I bought it for my 4 year old who sneaks into her sisters bed to sleep every night. We were hoping with a weighted blanket she would feel snug and safe to sleep in her own bed. It works some nights :) We would purchase again. We also got a weighted stuffed animal to sleep with her from a different website.

Great sleep

Love the weight and I sleep like a baby.

Good blanket annoying customization

The blanket itself is great. I prefer heavy blankets but my wife doesn't like it to get to warm. The blanket is comfortable for both of us, both in terms of weight and temperature. It's well constructed and there are no signs of wear or tearing yet. It also comes with multiple tie-in loops to prevent it from sliding around inside the duvet cover.

But it's 80x87! Why?!* No standard duvet cover fits on it. You have to get custom duvet covers or buy them from Luna, which has very limited color and material options.

*The website says, "because they're meant to cover the body, not the bed." Where do you think I put my body when I'm sleeping?

Weigtrd blanket.

Only had one night under it but I like it so far ! Pretty color and good quality

best thing I've ever bought

I've been using this weighted blanket for years now and it has very much improved my sleep. I sleep FAR less restlessly now than I did before getting this blanket. not only is it extremely comfortable to sleep under at night, but lying under it can even help to calm me if I'm having an anxiety attack, migraine, or bout of overstimulation. and I came onto the site trying to figure out if I should get a cover because I've been dry cleaning it (which is a pain in the rear end), and now I find that I could have been machine washing it this whole time. excellent. thank you luna !

Still loving it 2.5 yrs later

I purchased the Luna bamboo cooling weighted blanket in queen size back in 2021. I wanted to see how it held up before reviewing: I'm here to say WOW, I still love this thing as much as I did when I first started using it. My sleep has improved so much, and I'm a hot sleeper and the bamboo material is SO silky smooth and cooling. I have been thru a few relationships since 2021 and I have had to fight every boyfriend off from using my blanket. I was worried about poking a hole in it and the beads
spilling out (I have a cat and didn't buy a blanket cover) but there's been no problems. I would say definitely follow the instructions when starting using the blanket, I think I worked my way up too soon and woke up feeling like I had been in a fight overnight in the beginning. I feel like I can never sleep without my Luna blankey, lol. It's 20 lbs but I still lug it around on trips with me cause it's so worth it. I LOVE my Luna, I recommend it to everyone, especially those with sleep problems. It also makes a great gift! I'm planning on getting some for family members for Xmas. If you're on the fence about Luna I would just go for it!!!

Love this blanket!

We have the adult version of this blanket so when I saw they have a kids version, I ordered immediately. My toddler loves a weighted blanket and was ready for a heavier weight - this 5 pound is perfect for him (upgraded from 3 pounds)

Best weighted blanket I have ever had!

This blanket doesn't seem to have a chemical smell to it!


I wonder why I didn't get something like this sooner😭💗 I tell all my friends they should invest in one eventually, I'm a warm sleeper and it kinda keeps me cool - but I find myself still warm mkst nights. Otherwise, again I'm in absolute love with my purchase and will likely get another one!

Great quality

Good price, good quality

Ok, not what I expected

Not what I was expecting. It’s ok but only hood for one leg if back sleeper

Love it

It’s like a hug.

Great wicking

So far one of the nicer blankets I've used the beads aren't intrusive and I don't wake up sweating.

Silky smooth!

I’ve been a fan of weighted blankets for awhile now. Biggest issue: they get HOT. The last one I tried was a chunky knit blanket, but my fan would blow through the spaces in fabric and could get a little too cool. I ordered this blanket purposefully for the cooking claim, and went down to 15 lbs because of joint issues. This blanket is cool, silky, and I’m in love! I’d love to try out some of the cuter colors and make see if a 20 lbs one would be better- feels a little light, but the cooking aspect makes up for it if I can avoid night sweats!

Bamboo Weighted Blanket Cover
victoria morehouse
How to improve perfection!

My teens and I have been over the moon happy with our weighted blankets from Luna since Christmas 2022. After a few months of bed love and dog snuggles I realized the hassle of washing weighted blankets without breaking your washer! I thought that buying an easily washable cover would be clutch and ordered the sustainable bamboo. To our delight they stay perfectly oriented on the blankets with the ties and are shockingly dog hair repellent (unlike the cotton surface of the blankets) but even better they are silky smooth and delightful to cuddle with even in summer. 10 out of 10! Hard to believe the blankets could be improved on but these covers make the whole experience first class.

Not sure

I just tried this blanket out for the first time and I wish it was a little wider, but it fits the bed perfectly. I thought blankets usually hang off the bed a little. It is also pretty warm, I thought it would be a little cooler. But overall, it seems nice with the weight and I will see what I think as time goes on and I use it a little more.


This is a well thought out weighted blanket! I love that one side is for cooling and one side is for warmth. The full size is the perfect for one person throw or twin. My only wish is that it had a washable cover, I was unable to find a cover d/t the unique sizing.

Kinda shocked at the difference in my sleep.

I'm neurodivergent and I've heard these are great but was skeptical. I'm also an insomniac with chronic pain. Falling asleep is really hard for me no matter how much I want to. This combined with a headphone blackout sleep mask has made that much better. It causes relaxation I won't try to explain (there is neuroscience behind it).

My Review Criteria: I do not review anything that I don't want/need for my own personal use and I have enough knowledge about it to provide accurate and useful details. I do tell it like it is and I am not influenced to provide feedback that isn't based on facts or my own experience. Therefore you can trust my unbiased review as if I were a friend looking out for your best interest and that of your hard-earned money.

Very cozy and plush, yet works for not-so-cool temps

This has a weighted blanket and cover, and the cover really makes it. This is my second weighted blanket, and the other one I have does not have a cover. So this new one feels much more plush and comfortable to me. The color and texture of both sides of this blanket didn’t translate well from the product images to what you actually receive – and I mean this in a good way, the images don’t do it justice. My first is also 12lbs, whereas this is 15lbs, but this one doesn’t feel as heavy on me. That might be due to the size, since this is a queen and my other is either a twin or a throw. So it could be more weight distributed over a smaller area. However, on cool nights so far I have layered this under a lightweight comforter and gotten just about the best sleep I have had in a long time. The color is a warmer beige, and the fuzzy side has more of a plushy sheen than it appears in the picture. The underside is a heathered fabric, and looks like it would run warm, but is a little more satin-ey than the t-shirt type material I was expecting. And therefore, it does feel much cooler than you’d expect just looking at it. While it’s a queen size, it really covers the top of the bed without overhang. I’m fine with that, but just good to be aware. I also don’t think I could comfortably use with a partner due to the size, as I like to hog and adjust to just my liking. I love that this one comes with a cover, and while I’m seeing a little bit of shifting inside of it (maybe a couple of inches), it isn’t terrible and is easy enough to adjust back. This is also very pet friendly as I have several cats and dogs, and there’s no snags or nails caught anywhere on it. Makes it a win in my book!

Takes some getting used to

I've tried weighted blankets in the past, but they were always the wrong size-to-weight ratio. This one is just the right size for a single person. It's heavy. I weigh about 180 and it's taken about a week to adapt to the 12 lb blanket weight. The first night I fell asleep almost immediately under this blanket, sleeping on my back, which I never normally do. After about an hour I woke up feeling like I was suffocating so I removed it. Second night I slept for 2 hours, which I've found is my maximum. I sleep deeply for those 2 hours and then I need to remove the blanket and go back to sleep. If you've never slept under a weighted blanket you might need to be aware that it could take some time to adapt.

heavy, soft, nice quality materials

We heard from a friend that this Luna weighted blanket was a useful approach to better sleep, offering a unique feeling of comfort. It certainly does give comfort, but takes a bit of getting used to after sleeping with nothing but a sheet.

One of us loved it right away, the other did not appreciate the heaviness, although, surprisingly, it did not retain a lot of body heat like other thick blankets.

If your personal preference allows a rich heavy envelope of soft cover during sleep, you'll probably find this weighted blanket truly comforting.

Love this blanket

This weighted blanket is of great quality. The material is nice being a soft smooth cooling effect on one side and velvety and warm on the reverse. It is weighted evenly. Even though it's cooling, I still find I sweat if I wear clothing to bed, but I'm also menopausal. This has a very distinct cooling effect especially when you first cover up with it. Highly recommend!

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