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Tying cover to actual blanket

How do you tie your blanket to the inside of the cover? There are no ties on the blanket itself?..Thank you, Jan

Cooling and sleep inducing

I rarely leave reviews. But this blanket is incredible. I used to have night sweats and really struggle to fall asleep. This blanket knocks me out in like 10 min. And I’m never overheating. I just bought the cover because my 6lb toy poodle loves it too and I wanted to be able to wash it with greater frequency. I recommend going a weight up from their recommendation. I also recommend the king size.


super comfy super durable, exactly what I was looking for

My new Security Blanket!

Who knew that as an adult you could still have a security blanket? Whenever I'm having a bad day the highlight of my day is sitting on my couch with my weighted blanket.

I run hot so I was worried that a weighted blanket wouldn't be for me, but the bamboo cooling blanket is amazing. It's always cool to the touch and sometimes I've even put a fleece blanket underneath because it's been so chili.

I can't stop raving about this blanket. Don't go for the expensive competition get this blanket!

Great blanket!

My daughter loves this blanket! It's the perfect size for her and not too hot.

Fantastic blanket

I love this blanket more than any other blanket I have ever used. Feels like a permanent hug all night long :)

I'd like to return it actually

How do I go about returning it? I sent an email but no response

Incredible Blanket

I bought weighted blankets before, but now that I have a King size bed it was tough finding one that didn't crush you. I found Luna and was very happy with the quality, weight, comfort, etc.. If I could give this 10 stars, I would.

Great Weighted Blanket!

I love my 15lb weighted blanket in grey. It is super soft and has a nice satin finish! Since using it I get deeper sleep as tracked by my Oura ring. Would recommend!

It's great but very hot

I love this blanket, It's my first weighted blanket, but it works great and I love that the covers are removable for easy washing.

Even with the cooling cover it's still VERY HOT to sleep under. I am someone who is usually quite cold but I have woken up sweat soaked under this blanket. I was able to adjust my sleepware which helped a lot. It's not enough of a problem for me to stop me from using it

Weighted Blanket for Kids
April Bergstresser
One blanket I buy!

I have now bought three Luna weighted blankets. All of them have been different sizes and weights. Each of them are far superior to any of the other weighted blankets I have been given. I have been given two other brand weighted blankets and they each have leaked and it was a mess. I have had one of the Queen weighted blankets for almost 2 years and it is still is like new condition.
I would never buy any other brand than Luna.

15 lb blanket is perfect!

I love my Luna weighted blanket! I bought the 15 lb weight for my 132 pound body because it makes me feel more secure. I haven't used it much during a recent
crazy heatwave but even then I would drape part of it over me for comfort. 😊

Cooling Bamboo Weighted Blanket

Wonderful gift

Got this for my sister as a gift and she tells me it’s amazing and she loves it!

Helps with restless legs!

I’ve been struggling with restless legs kind of my whole life but it’s been especially bad recently. I thought I’d give this weighted blanket a try and hoooo-wheee does it help! I slap this sucker on top of my legs and I’m off to snoozeville. The material is great and the weight is evenly distributed, instantly calming y’all.

Very soft!

This blanket was much softer than I expected.

Weighted bliss

I absolutely love this blanket and it cools more than my cotton weighted blanket.

Bamboo weighted bliss

I started with a cotton weighted blanket, which is great. I purchased the bamboo option to see if it breathed more. I’m very satisfied with my purchase.

Very pleased

Good pillow. Twice the zip has burst.

Love this knee pillow. But this is my third, twice the zipper burst.

Love it

Ordering another one for my mom for her birthday

Cooling Bamboo Weighted Blanket

Just the Right Support

I had been experiencing severe anxiety, waking up at 2am, 3am, or 4am and was unable to go back to sleep. A family member recommended a weighted blanket and let me borrow one, but it was too hot. I am always hot and rarely use layered blankets - even in winter. After a week of research, I settled on the Luna Bamboo Cooling weighted blanket and cover made of the same material. So far, I am extremely happy with this blanket! The weight has been so helpful and supportive in the early morning hours, as well as just laying on my couch in the afternoon. Although it does get warm, it is nowhere near as warm as the other blanket. This blanket feels breathable without sacrificing the weight. The cover stays cool, so if I feel like it’s too warm in a spot, I just move a little, and find another cool spot! It has allowed me to use the blanket much longer than the other, and it has helped when I feel an anxiety attack coming on, or when I am experiencing one. This has been a great purchase for me so far! I would recommend this if you are experiencing anxiety and need to feel secure and safe without the excessive warmth!

Cooling Bamboo Weighted Blanket
Michelle Butterworth
Best sleep ever

This blanket keeps me in a nice deep sleep and keeps me cooled down since I run hot

Money well spent.

It is indeed cool to the touch and has a nice weight to it.

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