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Luna Weighted Blanket

$39.99 $62.99 saving $23.00
Luna Weighted Blanket

Luna Weighted Blanket

$39.99 $62.99 saving $23.00


Meet Luna: Luna’s innovative, smart design streamlines 7 layers together so the weight is evenly distributed to your body so you can sleep and feel better. Covered in a naturally soft cotton fabric and filled with cloud-like fabric, Luna is carefully constructed for breathability and temperature control.

Care Instructions: Wash on a Low Gentle Setting | Dry on Low Heat or Hang Dry

  • Proven to help with Anxiety, ADHD, Stress, Autism, SPD, and Insomnia

  • Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation produces Serotonin & Melatonin

  • Stays warm in the winter, keeps you cool in the summer

Our difference

Luna Blanket is constructed to perfection using precision computer sewing for a premium, luxury design. The inner blanket is made of breathable cotton and filled with a superior glass bead which keeps the blankets thin, quiet, safe and machine washable and environmentally friendly.

Luna Weighted Blanket
  • 100% Oeko-Tex Certified

    Our weighted blankets are sewn using natural, sustainable materials such as 100% Oeko-Tex Certified cotton.

  • Enhanced Breathability

    We've developed a patented layered construction with air channels to keep air circulating and maintain a comfortable sleeping temperature.

  • Medical-Grade Glass Beads

    More durable and comfortable, our glass beads are held within the lustrous fibers of the blanket, creating a unified distribution of weight instead of sinking to a corner.

  • High-Quality Sewing Techniques

    Using smaller, denser pockets enhances the surface area contact and ensures that the weight is distributed evenly across the body.