Frequently Asked Questions

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Materials and Manufacturing

Where are your materials sourced and your products manufactured?

Our weighted blanket materials are sourced throughout the world. These materials (fillings, fabrics, and beads) are then sent to our manufacturer in the booming city of Hefei, China.

We carefully vetted this factory and we chose them based on their dedication to the fair treatment of their workers. We are proud of both the work they produce and the conditions in which they produce it.

What materials do you use in your products?

Our Weighted Blanket Bundles come with one Weighted Blanket and two covers (one fleece and one thermo-regulating). The Bundle Set is made with cooling technology, which is a series of polyester fabrics developed to be moisture-wicking and breathable. The Original Weighted Blanket is 100% Cotton and is a 'crowd-favorite'. Our Cooling Bamboo is 100% Lyocell Bamboo and is great for warm to hot sleepers! 

The filling of all our weighted blankets are micro glass beads and polyester microfiber.

What materials are inside the weighted blanket?

The inner filling is a microfiber blend, which enhances breathability and softness. There are micro glass beads dispersed inside to add weight.

How long are the sections that contain glass beads?

The pockets on our blanket are approximately 5 inches to allow for even weight distribution.

Where do your items ship from?

Your order will ship from one of our warehouses in the United States. Shipping takes roughly 6-8 business days, but you can find out more about our Shipping Policy here.

Are Luna products machine washable?

The 200TC blankets are machine safe, however the new 300TC 'Luxe' blankets are not machine washable. Please hand wash the Luxe Blankets only. To avoid frequent washing, we recommend purchasing one of our Luna Blanket Covers.

  • Wash it separately in cold water

  • Select the delicate cycle

  • Use gentle or mild detergent

  • Tumble dry on low heat or line dry

As always, please check your washing machine's weight capacity before washing your blanket. If the weight is too much for your machines, we recommend taking your Luna to a laundromat :)