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Hot/Cool Minky Fleece Weighted Eye Mask

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All blankets are meant for individual use except for the King, which is suitable for sharing. Weighted blankets are smaller than traditional comforters because they're meant to cover your body not the bed. Sizing Chart

Check out our Weight/Size guide to find your perfect match!

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Yes! Luna weighted blankets are designed so you can toss them in your washing machine at home. For washing instructions, read our guide here. To avoid frequent washing, we recommend using one of our Luna Weighted Blanket Covers to protect your blanket.

We wouldn't because our weighted blankets are intentionally made to be smaller than traditional comforters so a regular duvet cover would be too big. To help, we designed Luna Weighted Blanket Covers to offer you options that are a perfect fit for your weighted blanket.

Definitely check out our Sizing Guide. The quick version? We recommend roughly 10% of your body weight. You can use a range of 8-12%, if 10% isn't available or you're in between! Please note that we only recommend our Kids sizes for those under 5'. And, if you're sharing your blanket, go for a King.

Great question! Let’s break it down. Our Weighted Blanket & Cover Bundle Sets come with (1) Cooling Weighted Blanket and (2) Blanket Covers (one ultra-smooth mink, one thermo-regulating bamboo). The Original Weighted Blanket is 100% cotton and a 'crowd pleaser' if you’re unsure where to start. Our Cooling Bamboo fabric is 100% Lyocell Bamboo and is ideal for warm-to-hot sleepers! The blankets themselves are sold separately without covers.

Check out our Weighted Blanket & Sleep Resource blog for our best tips and all things wellness to help you get the sleep you deserve. To drift off into more questions, head to our full FAQ page!

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