Luna Luxe Bamboo Weighted Blanket


Luna Luxe Bamboo Weighted Blanket

Get ready to up your sleep game with Luna's Weighted Blanket. With plush 300-thread count fabric and highly-quality glass beads, you'll melt into relaxation. Say goodbye to sleepless nights with Luna's proven design for dreamy weight disturbance now shipped in a canvas tote that doubles as storage.

Why You'll Love It

  • Banish Anxiety, Embrace Zzz's: Snuggle up in a comforting cocoon of deep touch pressure that's your secret weapon against anxiety and restless nights.
  • Unbox Relaxation: Unwrap your serene sleep zone with our stylish canvas bag, perfect for tidying up or welcoming surprise guests.
  • A Touch  of Luxury: Our 300-thread count fabric feels so cozy, you won't believe it's budget-friendly. It's like a golden ticket to dreamland!​
  • Built to Stay: We've reinforced those seams, so your weighted blanket is your bedtime buddy for years, no matter how heavy it is.​
  • Make It Yours: Customize it with ease - internal ties let you attach a cover, and our range of versatile colors means it suits your style.​
  • No-Fuss Care:  Keeping your comfort fresh is easy with our spot-clean blanket. Say hello to years of cozy, clean sleep!​


Check out our Weight/Size guide to find your perfect match!

Color : Dark Grey


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Luna Luxe Bamboo Weighted Blanket
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Details & Care

Care Instructions: Hand wash, spot clean, or dry clean. Lay flat to dry or hang dry. ​

  • Outer Shell: 100% Cotton 300TC
  • Filling: 8% Polyester Padding & 92% Glass Beads​
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Free of Harmful Chemicals
  • OEKO-TEX Certified
  • 4 Loops with 1 Loop per corner to accommodate attaching Duvet Cover with Ties to the Blanket

Luna can help to:

  • fall asleep faster
  • create a biochemical reaction to touch therapy
  • settle the nervous system through Deep Pressure Touch
  • induce calm and simulate a warm hug

...but don’t just take our word for it. Check out the customer reviews.

Use me gradually

It’s important to gradually ease into your first use of your weighted blanket by placing it over your original comforter and across your legs for the first 7 nights.

After you’ve gotten used to the weighted sensation, lay it over 1/2 of your body for the next few days.

When you’re feeling comfortable enough, you’re ready to use it over your entire body (without the comforter). Give it time, scientists say it takes 14-21 days to form a deep sleep habit!

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Customer Reviews

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Carissa Verified by Shop

I love this blanket. It’s is a beautiful color, warm bit joy hot and as soon as I slip underneath it - I feel my body getting sleepy.

Jennifer Hadden
Great Blanket but TOO SMALL for a couple

These blankets are really great and would be terrific if you are sleeping alone. If you are sharing a bed with someone else, they are simply too small. We have a King sized bed so we bought the largest size. It barely reaches the edge of mattress. My husband and I end up pulling it away from each other all night. I understand they want to cut costs by making these smaller, but maybe just offer an oversized version for the King?

Brandon Verified by Shop

Beautiful blanket and so soft. It’s a gift for my boyfriend for Christmas. I hope it helps him sleep better. We will see.

Meghan Polinski

I love my new Luna blanket. I had been needing a new weighted blanket for a while and finally bought the cooling bamboo weighted blanket. let me tell you, it’s perfect. i’m the kind of person who has to be cold at night and this keeps me cool. with my previous blanket, i would wake up sweating and just irritable. now i sleep comfortably. if you on the fence, buy this blanket because you won’t regret it.

Helps me sleep quickly

It usually takes me quite a while to fall asleep, but the moment I put this thing over me it's only a matter of time until I am out like a light.

Very cozy, warm but not scalding hot. If it's a warmer night I may have to forgo sleeping with it but it doesn't hold massive amounts of heat.

Very pleased with my blanket overall!

Weighted blanket

I bought the 20lb weighted blanked for the upcoming fall weather here in Colorado. As a extremely hot natured person, this blanket keeps me perfectly cool without sweating. It's soft and the beads inside don't bunch up like other ones I've seen. I love it & will likely buy another one.

5 star

Love my weighted blanket, especially helps with restless legs and I often get restless body, this blanket has kept that at bay allowing me to sleep. This blanket keeps me cool as well. Love the weight of it, I'm 5'2" and 138 lbs so it is perfect at 15 lbs. So glad I got this blanket.

Still loving it 2.5 yrs later

I purchased the Luna bamboo cooling weighted blanket in queen size back in 2021. I wanted to see how it held up before reviewing: I'm here to say WOW, I still love this thing as much as I did when I first started using it. My sleep has improved so much, and I'm a hot sleeper and the bamboo material is SO silky smooth and cooling. I have been thru a few relationships since 2021 and I have had to fight every boyfriend off from using my blanket. I was worried about poking a hole in it and the beads
spilling out (I have a cat and didn't buy a blanket cover) but there's been no problems. I would say definitely follow the instructions when starting using the blanket, I think I worked my way up too soon and woke up feeling like I had been in a fight overnight in the beginning. I feel like I can never sleep without my Luna blankey, lol. It's 20 lbs but I still lug it around on trips with me cause it's so worth it. I LOVE my Luna, I recommend it to everyone, especially those with sleep problems. It also makes a great gift! I'm planning on getting some for family members for Xmas. If you're on the fence about Luna I would just go for it!!!

Braxton E.

I wonder why I didn't get something like this sooner😭💗 I tell all my friends they should invest in one eventually, I'm a warm sleeper and it kinda keeps me cool - but I find myself still warm mkst nights. Otherwise, again I'm in absolute love with my purchase and will likely get another one!

Angel Dill
Silky smooth!

I’ve been a fan of weighted blankets for awhile now. Biggest issue: they get HOT. The last one I tried was a chunky knit blanket, but my fan would blow through the spaces in fabric and could get a little too cool. I ordered this blanket purposefully for the cooking claim, and went down to 15 lbs because of joint issues. This blanket is cool, silky, and I’m in love! I’d love to try out some of the cuter colors and make see if a 20 lbs one would be better- feels a little light, but the cooking aspect makes up for it if I can avoid night sweats!