Why You Need a Weighted Blanket This Winter

Nov 10, 2022 • Luna Blanket

If you haven’t jumped on the weighted blanket bandwagon yet, winter is a great time to get one and discover all the amazing comfy and calming benefits they provide. We know it may be a bit biased coming from us—yet we know our products inside and out and know how much they could improve your sleep and downtime this season. Read on below for a few of our favorite reasons to get a weighted blanket for wintertime.  

Take Cozy Comfort to A Whole New Level 

Winter is the time for cozying up on the couch and chilling: whether that’s with a great book, a delicious cup of hot cocoa, or your favorite person. We swear that snuggling up to watch football, snowfall, or a crackling fireplace has never been as calming and comfortable as it is with a weighted blanket. Especially with our super-soft two-sided Sherpa Fleece weighted blanket that comes in a variety of pleasant colors to choose from, you’ll find yourself wondering how you ever went a winter without one. The weight of a weighted blanket is scientifically proven to induce a deeper sense of calm, which we’ll discuss in the following paragraph. To put it simply, it’s like being wrapped in a warm hug. Your winter couch time will never be the same. 

Help Reduce and Process Holiday Stress 

Before you get around to all that winter chilling, the stress leading up to the holidays can mean an increase in cortisol levels for some people. Whether it’s the hustle and bustle of shopping, preparing for guests, or preparing for travel, the holiday season can be a bit overwhelming. Now, of course we are not saying a weighted blanket is any replacement for any stress management techniques recommended by a doctor or therapist. But when it comes to self-soothing stressors and having tools on hand at home, weighted blankets have been shown to help reduce cortisol, the stress hormone. Whether during a daytime catnap or before bed, you may benefit from the calming effects of a weighted blanket as you gear up for holiday celebrations! 

Better Sleep is Possible with a Weighted Blanket 

The end of the year is typically an optimal time to rest up and enjoy the slower pace of things before it’s time to get after your New Year’s resolutions! Take your downtime and R & R to the next level with a weighted blanket and the benefits of Deep Pressure Stimulation—a therapy concept we designed our Luna weighted blankets around. It’s a method many therapists use in-clinic to calm patients with autism or other sensory processing disorders since firm yet gentle pressure applied to the body signals to the brain to produce important neurotransmitters: serotonin and melatonin. By adding a weighted blanket to your downtime and bedtime routines, you’ll optimize your rest by ensuring you unwind deeply and fully thanks to the blanket’s relaxing effect on your brain and nervous system.  

We construct our Luna weighted blankets with the best materials and smartest design in order to make sure you’re getting true Deep Pressure Stimulation benefits. For us that means: 

  • Premium-grade, glass bead filling as opposed to less dense, less effective plastic beads used by cheaper options 
  • Quilted, multi-layer construction into which the beads are sewn, to properly and evenly distribute weight throughout the blanket 
  • High-quality, breathable fabrics to ensure temperature regulation and maximum comfort 
  • Always working directly with our manufacturer and improving our design, materials, and pattern options 

Order Today and Enjoy Luna Weighted Blanket Benefits this Winter 

This winter, give yourself the gift of snuggling harder, unwinding better, and sleeping deeper with a Luna weighted blanket. We can’t think of a better time to introduce a weighted blanket to your at-home sanctuary. Though—despite its weight—summer is a fine time to get one too! Choose a Luna weighted blanket style you’ll love and start enjoying the comfy, cozy, calming benefits in just a few short nights! Did we mention free shipping and free returns? Order today! 

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