Are Weighted Blankets Too Hot for the Summer and Hot Sleepers?

Jun 21, 2019 • Luna Blanket

Summer is well underway and it may have you wondering if weighted blankets are hotter than your average comforter. Or, maybe you're just a super hot sleeper.

Just because a weighted blanket is heavy does not mean it is hotter! In fact, Luna even makes a cooling bamboo weighted blanket to accommodate extra-hot sleepers. But no matter which Luna blanket you choose, rest assured our high-quality materials and construction are ideal for temperature regulation that helps you get that deep, restful sleep you deserve.  Let’s take a look under the covers to learn that weighted blankets aren’t hotter—just heavier!

What’s Inside Weighted Blankets?

First, we’ll examine what’s inside weighted blankets. While your standard comforter or throw blanket is most likely stuffed with various polyfill, cotton, or down feathers, our Luna blankets are filled with premium-grade glass beads combined with microfiber and/or polyester filling. This inner filling is evenly distributed in sewed-in cells which help perfectly disperse the weight of your blanket as it covers and calms you. The glass beads and balanced distribution helps regulate temperature, as well as the high quality of our outer-shell fabrics, which we’ll have a look at next.

Choose Bamboo if You Run Extra-Hot

If you are an exceptionally hot sleeper, you live in a super-hot climate like the American Southwest, or these heat waves are really getting to you this summer, all the benefits of weighted blankets are still an option for you! We made our cooling bamboo weighted blanket precisely for these scenarios.

Our highest-quality sourced lyocell bamboo weighted blanket has a silky smooth, cool-to-touch texture that feels amazing against the skin and makes for an evermore calming and cooling weighted blanket experience. It disperses heat and promotes airflow for our most luxurious feeling option and ultimate comfort. When you’re a hot sleeper or summer is in full swing, we can’t recommend our cooling bamboo blanket enough! 

Does Temperature Affect Sleep Quality?

Consider it great news now that you know our weighted blankets are not too hot compared to the average blanket, and some like our bamboo blanket can even keep you way cooler. Sleep scientists have proven that sleep temperature matters when it comes to getting optimal sleep.

A study published in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology refers to the temperature and humidity of the microclimate between humans and their bed covers the “bed climate,” and they found it plays a crucial role in sleep quality. At Luna, we care about making the most comfortable weighted blanket out of breathable, luxurious materials for this very reason. 

Order Your Luna Weighted Blanket Now

So are weighted blankets too hot for summer? Nope. In fact, Luna’s cooling bamboo weighted blanket may actually be your favorite summer blanket option. Whether you’re interested in a weighted blanket for yourself, your child, or gifting one, we know there’s a Luna blanket you or they will love.

For you hot sleepers, be sure to check out our ultra-comfortable bamboo blanket. If you’re not sure where to start with your first weighted blanket, you can’t go wrong with our classic best-selling cotton option!

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