Are Weighted Blankets Too Hot for the Summer?

Jun 21, 2019 • Dena Darroch

One of the most common questions people have about weighted blankets is whether they sleep too hot. When the weather heats up, parents often wonder if their children will be too warm under a weighted blanket. If your child is a warm sleeper, or you're curious how your weighted blanket will sleep through the summer months, we explain your options. The good news is you don't have to forego the benefits of a weighted blanket just because the temperature is rising.

Weighted Blankets: What’s Inside

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When people hear “weighted,” they often assume it means “hot.” However, a weighted blanket is not necessarily any hotter than a normal, non-weighted blanket. (In fact, many of our customers tell us their weighted blanket sleeps quite cool.) Here is how we build each weighted blanket.

100% Cotton Fabric

We start with high-quality 100% Oeko-tex certified cotton fabric. Cotton is durable, breathable and machine washable. It also allows just enough stretch (but not too much) to accommodate the weight of the medical grade glass beads we add to give the blanket weight.

We offer pattern fabrics of all kinds, including a large selection of patterns for kids — and many fun and stylish patterns for grownups, too. We also offer solids and supreme solids in an array of colors. Our weighted blankets also come in a selection of waterproof fabrics, which are perfect for children. You can also choose from our gallery fabric options, which feature a swirl pattern. Check out our full selection of patterns and solids.

From time to time, we get inquiries from customers asking if we can make a weighted blanket with the customer’s fabric. The answer is yes! We will work with you to create a weighted blanket from your fabric of choice. However, the fabric must be 100% cotton — otherwise, there is a chance it will pull and become misshapen due to the weight of the pellets inside. Cotton really does work best for weighted blankets. In the event we don’t carry quite the fabric you’re looking for, we’re also happy to help you search for a fabric that’s just right.

Tip: To chat with someone from our team about using your own fabric to create your weighted blanket, get in touch with us here. You can also call us at 212-473-4013.

100% Medical Grade Glass Beads

At Luna, all of our weighted blankets are made with 100% medical grade glass beads. The beads are what gives the weighted blanket its weight. Unlike less expensive, lower poly pellets, they also dry faster after washing. Lower quality polypropylene pellets can hold moisture, which can breed mold and bacteria. We’ve found that the pellets tend to stay cool as long as your room temperature is cool.

The polypropylene pellets are not removable, as they are sewn into each individual pocket to stop them from shifting around too much. Because our beads are the highest quality available, they dry very quickly after washing. You can tumble dry your weighted blanket on a low or medium setting.

Hypoallergenic Poly-fill

To give our blankets the soft, cushiony feel of a regular, non-therapy blanket, we also use a poly-fill, which is non-toxic and hypoallergenic. In addition to making the blankets softer and more comfortable, the poly-fil helps muffle the sound of the pellets shifting around.

The poly-fill can make a blanket a bit warmer, like a standard, fluffy comforter, which is why we offer weighted blankets without poly-fil. If your child is a warm sleeper or you live in a very hot climate, you might want to try a weighted blanket without the poly-fill. In our experience, the majority of our customers don’t find that the poly-fill makes their weighted blanket sleep hot. If you purchase a weighted blanket without poly-fill, it will be flatter and more like a quilt in appearance.  

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Cotton Weighted Blanket

Cotton Weighted Blanket

Care Instructions: Wash on a Low Gentle Setting | Dry on Low Heat or Hang Dry

  • Outer Shell: 100% cotton
  • Filling: 100% polyester & microfiber + glass beads
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Free of harmful chemicals
  • OEKO-TEX 100 certified (HKX 17867)
  • 8 loops on every corner and side to accommodate cover ties
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