Do Weighted Blankets Help With Insomnia?

Oct 10, 2022 • Luna Blanket

As more and more people snuggle up with weighted blankets and rave about their comfy benefits, plenty of sleep-deprived people are wondering “do weighted blankets help with insomnia?” While these blankets may not be the absolute cure-all for sleeplessness, they can certainly help induce more restful sleep. A weighted blanket for insomnia can be a fantastic tool for you to have on deck when you’re craving that deeper, rejuvenating sleep you deserve. 

What is Insomnia?

The National Sleep Foundation characterizes insomnia as difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep, or returning to sleep. While chronic insomnia or sleeplessness can result from work schedules or myriad other issues, weighted blankets can provide some much-needed help, especially at the initial falling asleep stage. If difficulty falling asleep is your main issue, read on. 

Why Try a Weighted Blanket for Insomnia? 

If you suffer from insomnia, your doctor or other healthcare professional may mention relaxation techniques like massage, meditation, and yoga since they have been shown to promote better quality sleep. As related specifically to massage, Kray Kibler states in Sleep Review, the journal for sleep specialists,  that “the chemistry of sleep is relevant in relation to massage because it directly influences the body’s production of serotonin, which is essential for the production of melatonin.” Deep massage, which uses slower, more forceful strokes to target the deepest muscles, is especially useful for inducing healthy sleep.

How Deep Pressure Touch Stimulation Impacts Insomnia

Weighted blankets mimic a form of massage therapy called deep pressure touch stimulation. In this massage type, a therapist would uses hands or other tools to apply pressure to the body which produces neuro chemicals that make you feel calm. Thanks to the distribution of weight in a weighted blanket, you can achieve the affects of this therapy right at home and experience the tranquil benefits to make you drift more easily off to sleep. In a recent study, a weighted blanket can boost melatonin and reduce the production of stress hormones. With this, using a weighted blanket for insomnia may really make a difference for you.

If you have never used a weighted blanket, we describe this sleep-inducing feeling like a lingering, warm hug that leaves you swaddled in sleepy sensations. We recommend all you need is about 10% of your body weight distributed throughout the blanket to help the mind and body relax and shift into a sleep state. If your insomnia includes restlessness, racing thoughts, or tossing and turning, a weighted blanket may be exceptionally helpful for you.

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So, do weighted blankets help with insomnia? We know how complex and disruptive lack of sleep can be, but we also know how many people have said a weighted blanket helped them with their sleeplessness. We are confident you’ll fell more calm and comfortable if you try one, too. Shop our selections now, find a weighted blanket you love, and let Luna do the rest.

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Classic Cooling Cotton Weighted Blanket

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