Are Weighted Blankets Safe for Babies?

Aug 01, 2022 • Luna Blanket

Because weighted blankets are a popular sleep and therapy tool for children, parents often wonder, “are weighted blankets safe for babies?” In short, no. Weighted blankets are not safe for babies under the age of one. Before you consider using a weighted blanket for kids at any age, you can always confirm with your doctor or therapist that it’s the right time to introduce it!

Why Are Weighted Blankets Not Safe For Babies? 

At Luna, our sizing and weight begin in the toddler size for a reason: weighted blankets are not safe for infants. Below you’ll find a useful guide to choosing the right size of weighted blanket for kids that are old enough to use one. Remember, you can consult your pediatrician to ensure a weighted blanket is appropriate for your child if you have specific circumstances or concerns.

Weighted blankets are safe for both children and adults, but you should not use a weighted blanket for any child under one year of age. According to the Children’s MD blog at the Children’s Hospital of St. Louis, the primary concern with the use of weighted blankets and babies is the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)—the sudden, usually unexplained death of a baby during sleep.

While most SIDS cases are unexplained, medical experts say that certain factors can increase a baby’s risk. Loose blankets, or a weighted blanket that is difficult for an infant to move under, can pose a suffocation risk.

Babies are at the highest risk of SIDS when they are between one and four months of age. Additionally, 90% of all SIDS cases occur within the first six months of life. According to Baby Center, “by definition, SIDS doesn’t happen after a child’s first birthday.”

So, are weighted blankets safe for babies over the age of one? Yes, in most cases. After your child’s first birthday, your pediatrician or family doctor can confirm whether a weighted blanket is safe to include in their nap-time or bedtime routine.

Choosing a Luna Weighted Blanket for Kids

If your child is old enough for a weighted blanket, you can consult our detailed guide to picking the perfect size and weight for your child’s on the Luna Kid's Weighted Blanket page.

Here’s a quick rundown of the options: 

  • Luna Weighted Blanket for Kids, size “Kid”
    • 36 in x 46 in
    • 5 pounds
  • Luna Weighted Blanket for Kids, size “Twin”
    • 41 in x 60 in
    • 7 pound option
    • 10 pound option 

It’s important to note that your Luna weighted blanket should be sized to fit your child and not your child’s bed. If the blanket drapes over the sides of the mattress, it’s most likely too heavy for your child, and the additional weight will pull it toward the ground.

Introducing a Weighted Blanket to Kids’ Routine

Lots of Luna parents like to include their child in the process of choosing a weighted blanket since we offer fun colors and cheerful patterns. This can make your child excited for their weighted blanket to arrive, and thus more excited for bedtime! From “White Dino,” and “Blue Sports,” patterns to cool pastel pink and more, there’s certainly a fabric they (and you) will love.

We recommend slowing introducing the weighted blanket for kids to their nightly routine. For the first seven nights, drape the weighted blanket over their typical comforter, across just the legs so they can get a feel for that 'hug' feeling. Then, after that first week, the weight will feel more familiar and they can pull it up to cover more of their body for the ultimate calming effect. 

What Is a Weighted Blanket and Are They Safe?

As the name indicates, weighted blankets are made with added weight so that they feel heavier than a typical blanket. This might make you wonder, how would I (or my child) benefit from a heavier-than-normal blanket?

A great deal of scientific research shows that weighted blankets help with a variety of health conditions. We’ve written about many of them here:

As you can see, weighted blankets may help alleviate everything from insomnia to sensory processing disorder. Made with around 10% of the user’s body weight, they work by providing a form of therapy called “deep touch pressure stimulation.” As mentioned, this sleep technology is appropriate for children over the age of one. 

If They’re Old Enough- Order A Luna Weighted Blanket for Kids Today!

If your baby is still under the age of one, enjoy those precious moments and come back to shop a little down the road! For age-appropriate children, a Luna weighted blanket may make all the difference in your child’s bedtime routine. We’re passionate about creating the best possible, most comfortable weighted blankets so more parents and children alike can get the deep sleep they need! Order your weighted blanket for your child today and let Luna do the rest. Sleep tight!

The "Dream Weaver" Kids Weighted Blanket

The "Dream Weaver" Kids Weighted Blanket

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