What is OKEO-TEX Cotton?

May 10, 2023 • Luna Blanket

At Luna, we prioritize creating premium products you can feel good about and one of those factors we've keep in mind is the fabrics we choose for our blankets. We use OKEO-TEX cotton, a sustainable and socially responsible choice. But what exactly is OKEO-TEX cotton, and why should you prefer it? Let's explore.

What is OKEO-TEX cotton?

OKEO-TEX cotton is a type of cotton that has been certified by the International OKEO-TEX Association. This association is an independent organization that tests textiles for harmful substances. To be certified, the cotton must meet strict criteria for sustainability, environmental impact, and social responsibility.

What are the benefits of OKEO-TEX cotton?

1. Healthier for the environment

OKEO-TEX cotton is grown and produced in a way that's less harmful to the environment than conventional cotton. This means fewer pesticides and chemicals are used, which reduces pollution and helps preserve the earth's natural resources.

2. Safer for consumers

OKEO-TEX cotton is also safer for consumers. The certification ensures that harmful substances are not present in the fabric, which means you can wear or use OKEO-TEX cotton products with confidence.

3. Better for workers

The OKEO-TEX certification also ensures that the cotton is produced in a socially responsible way. This means that workers are treated fairly and work in safe conditions.

4. Quality assurance

OKEO-TEX cotton is held to a high standard of quality, which means you can expect these products to last longer and look better. The cotton is tested for color fastness, durability, and other factors that contribute to a high-quality product.

Why should someone prefer OKEO-TEX cotton to other options?

By choosing OKEO-TEX cotton products, customers can feel good about their purchasing decisions. They can rest assured that the cotton was produced in a way that's better for the environment, safer for consumers, and better for workers. Plus, the quality assurance ensures that their products will last longer and look better.