Top 5 People to Gift a Weighted Blanket

Oct 23, 2023 • Luna Blanket

These People in Your Life Need a Weighted Blanket this Winter

‘Tis the season for holiday gifting and crossing beloved friends and family off your shopping list. Weighted blankets are one of the best holiday gifts for 2022, because almost anyone can benefit from deeper sleep and alleviated anxieties, to name just a few of the many weighted blanket benefits. To help make your shopping super simple, we pulled together a list of five people in your life who would absolutely love and appreciate a weighted blanket as a gift this year. 

 The Stressed-Out College Student  

First up are the hardworking college students! If you have a son, daughter, niece, or nephew on your list who is home on winter break for the holiday, we guarantee they would love a Luna weighted blanket. You can read up on why we think every college student needs a weighted blanket in their dorm room—one of the many reasons being it optimizes rest. When these students aren’t studying or socializing, we know how essential their sleep and downtime can be! A weighted blanket can help ensure their rest is extra rejuvenating in addition to helping soothe daily stressors. And another one of our favorite perks when it comes to gifting a college student a weighted blanket: the weight makes it lay super nicely on a made-up bed, meaning tidying up the dorm has never looked better or quite so easy.  

 The New Parents 

If your family has recently grown to include grandchildren, or you’re at the age where your friends are starting their own families, we know you’ve got some new parents in your life who would appreciate a Luna weighted blanket gift. Again, when those precious ZZZs become more and more sparse, a weighted blanket is essential to help ensure your rest is optimized whenever possible! It is important to note that only the new parents should utilize the weighted blanket, as it is never safe to use a weighted blanket for or around infants. That being said, a weighted blanket is a great gift for new parents who could use some help falling asleep and sleeping more deeply when there’s a chance to steal some shut-eye! 

The Night Shift Workers 

A weighted blanket is a great go-to gift if you’ve got anyone on your list who works nights. We know these night owls keep all the sleep tricks up their sleeves like blackout shades and white noise, but a weighted blanket will take their reverse routine to the next level. The weight of a weighted blanket provides what is known as Deep Pressure Stimulation, which naturally signals serotonin and melatonin production in the brain. Since the fourth-shift workers in your life may be far off a natural circadian rhythm, a blanket that can help naturally produce melatonin (the neurotransmitter that signals to the brain it’s time to sleep) could help level-up their sleep routine.  

 The Sleep-Deprived Kiddos 

We have a whole line of weighted blankets for kids that come in proper weights and sizes for the children in your life, as well as exciting colors and patterns! We recommend waiting until the kiddos are at least 4 years old before introducing a weighted blanket to their nightly routine, but once they’re old enough, it can be a heaven-sent tool for helping them get excited about bedtime and fall asleep more easily. Whether you are a parent, grandparent, godparent, auntie, or uncle— we guarantee the kiddos will love a Luna kids weighted blanket gift. 

The Holiday Host and Hostess

And last but not least, a Luna weighted blanket makes a fabulous host/hostess gift during the holiday season. If you have a hardworking family member or friend who pours a lot of love into planning and hosting the celebrations, why not encourage some much-needed relaxation with a cozy Luna weighted blanket? Choose from our extra-comfy options like the Sherpa weighted blanket, and choose a color that fits their personality. After the festivities, they’ll look forward to cozying up under their weighted blanket, and you’ll certainly be remembered for your amazing hostess gift! 


Order Luna Weighted Blankets for Holiday Gifts this Year! 

In addition to the beloved types of people listed above, a Luna weighted blanket makes a great gift for just about anyone on your list. The gift of better sleep never goes unappreciated! In fact, we think you should treat yourself to one as well. Keep a lookout for our holiday promotions and stock up on Luna weighted blankets for yourself and your loved ones this season. 

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