Pros and Cons of a Weighted Blanket

    Dec 05, 2022 • Luna Blanket

    When was the last time you have a deep, rejuvenating night of uninterrupted sleep?

    For so many people, the answer is, unfortunately, “a long time ago,” or “I can’t even remember.” In fact, the American Sleep Apnea Association states that 70% of Americans experience monthly sleep loss, and eleven percent experience sleep loss every night. In the following post, we’ll discuss how a weighted blanket is a fantastic tool to help you get the better, deeper nights of sleep you need. Read on below for the pros and cons of different types of Luna weighted blankets so you can choose the one that will bring you the most restful zzzs!

    Weighted blankets are a popular tool for people seeking both better sleep and stress relief. Consequently, weighted blankets offer an overall boost to both your mental and physical health because a good night’s sleep works wonders on our systems!

    Are you considering a weighted blanket for yourself? In this article, we’ll cover some pros and cons of the different types of weighted blankets we offer so you can choose one that’s right for you. 

    Pros of Using a Weighted Blanket

    Luna Weighted Blankets Can Help You Fall Asleep and Stay Asleep

    The experience of sleeping under a weighted blanket can be likened to the feeling of being hugged or swaddled, much like what newborns experience to help them fall asleep. The calming, hugging sensation is a result of what is known as Deep Pressure Stimulation and helps you drift to sleep and stay asleep. Deep Pressure Stimulation, also known as Deep Pressure Touch, is triggered by firm yet gentle, evenly dispersed weight on the body, and signals the brain to produce the necessary neurotransmitters for a peaceful night drifting off to sleep. 

    Luna Weighted Blankets Promote Serotonin & Melatonin Production

    Through Deep Pressure Stimulation, the weighted blanket helps to relax the brain and body. A weighted blanket actually helps your body naturally produce healthy levels of serotonin (happiness hormone), and melatonin (sleep hormone), and even reduces cortisol (stress hormone). This combination of neurotransmitters is responsible for the sleep-inducing calm and cozy feelings you feel under the weighted blanket. 

    Choose From Different Fabrics to Suit Your Sleep Preferences

    Another pro- Luna makes our weighted blankets out of multiple types of fabrics for you to choose from since we all have different sleep preferences for our most optimal night of sleep. However you like to get comfy, I bet we have something you’ll love. 

    • Classic Cotton Luna Weighted Blanket: The most popular and beloved Luna weighted blanket. Our comfortable, OEKO-TEX® 100 Certified Classic Cotton fabric and properly distributed weight stimulate your body's biochemistry to help you fall asleep more easily, sleep more deeply, and awaken feeling well-rested. 
    • Cooling Bamboo Luna Weighted Blanket: The sleep science of our aforementioned Classic Cotton weighted blanket combined with our calming, cool-to-the-touch, super-soft-and-soothing 100% lyocell bamboo option. Designed to disperse heat and promote airflow for an optimal night of deep sleep.
    • Sherpa Luna Weighted Blanket: Our 2-sided sherpa fleece weighted blanket features a smooth, plush fabric on one side and fuzzy fleece on the other side. Combined with Luna's perfect weight distribution, this blanket is perfect for those who like getting seriously snuggly. 
    • Luna Weighted Blanket for Kids: It's like leaving a warm, snuggly goodnight hug with your child after you tuck them in. Designed to help kiddos fall asleep, stay asleep, and awaken feeling well-rested. The kids' line comes in the right weight and sizes for your little ones, plus fun patterns or calming pastel colors to suit their personality. 

    "Cons" of Weighted Blankets

    While they are hardly categorizable as cons, here are a few guiding rules to weighted blankets that will make it easier for you to choose which one is right for you, your child, or anyone else!

    Not Everyone Can Sleep Under a Weighted Blanket

    Weighted blankets are not safe for infants or young children who don’t yet meet the size requirements for a 10%-of-body-weight rule of thumb. We also recommend you do not let your precious pets like dogs and cats snuggle up under the weighted blanket for the same reason—the weight can be dangerous for infants, toddlers, and pets alike. 

    It Can Take a Little Time To Adjust

    Just like any new habit, it takes time to adjust to sleeping under a weighted blanket. It is suggested that you sleep with it over just your legs for seven days, then halfway over your body for another five or so days before you sleep all the way under the blanket. At first, the feeling can be a bit foreign, but sticking with it can provide all the pros listed above in this post. We highly recommend adding some deep breaths to your weighted blanket cuddles as you breathe into relaxed bedtime bliss. 

    Not Great for Traveling

    Unfortunately, our last “con” is that a weighted blanket is not ideal for traveling light as you can imagine. We assume most Luna weighted blanket lovers, while it would be great for sleeping on the plane or in the car, opt to leave their Luna blanket at home when it’s time to hit the road. That being said, we have some tips on how you can make the most of bringing a weighted blanket with you during travel if you can't part ways!

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    A Luna weighted blanket in your favorite color and fabric is not only cute, comfy, and cozy, but provides some serious pros when it comes to better sleep and alleviating stress. We encourage you to browse around and choose a Luna weighted blanket that you’ll love, add it to your cart, and let Luna do the rest. Don’t wait another night to start enjoying the benefits of better slumber with a Luna weighted blanket.

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