Here's What Your Sleep Position Says About You

    May 24, 2023 • Luna Blanket

    While everyone is usually focused on horoscopes and what that uncovers about your personality and traits, at Luna, we're wondering what sleep positions say! Your sleep position can actually reveal a lot about your personality, your health, and yep, even your relationships.

    So let's explore what some of the most common sleep positions and what they might say about you.

    1. The Fetal Position

    This is the most common sleep position, with 41% of people sleeping in this position. Sleeping in the fetal position suggests that you have a tough exterior, but are actually quite sensitive and may need some extra emotional support. You may be a bit shy or introverted, but you have a warm and caring nature.

    2. The Log Position

    If you sleep on your side with your arms down by your side, you are sleeping in the log position. This can mean that you are social, easy-going, and trusting. You may be a bit gullible, but you are also very reliable and easy to get along with.

    3. The Yearner Position

    Those who sleep with their arms outstretched are sleeping in the yearner position. Yearners are open-minded and eager to try new things. They may be a bit hesitant at first, but they're are curious and adventurous at heart.

    4. The Soldier Position

    Sleep on your back with your arms down by your side? The solider position suggests that you are disciplined and have high standards for yourself and others. While you may be reserved, you're primarily focused and determined.

    5. The Freefall Position

    If you sleep on your stomach with your arms up by your head, you are sleeping in the freefall position. This suggests that you are a bit of a risk-taker and may even be prone to anxiety or nervousness. Freefall sleepers can be a bit brash, but they're mostly known for being very passionate and determined.

    6. The Starfish Position

    Ah the starfish position! Sleeping with your arms up by your head and feet spread. You're a good listener and enjoy being there for others. Starfishers can be bit shy, but are also very supportive and caring.

    In conclusion, your sleep position can reveal a lot about your personality, your health, and your relationships. But, above all, it's important to find a position that is comfortable and allows you to get a good night's sleep. If you have trouble sleeping or experience pain, it may be helpful to experiment with different sleep positions or consult with a healthcare professional for additional guidance and support.