Your Guide to Weighted Blanket Duvet Cover Sets

Aug 16, 2022 • Shopify BRM

If you already have a weighted blanket or are in the market for it, you know how beneficial it can be. And while Luna weighted blankets are machine-washable, you might be wondering what the deal is with weighted blanket duvet covers. Do you need one? What's the point? Which one is best?

Read on for our guide on everything to know about weighted blanket duvet covers and how to know if one is right for you.

What is a Weighted Blanket Duvet Cover?

Think of it as a regular duvet cover. It's designed to go over your duvet, or in this case your weighted blanket, to protect it from recurring use, dead skin cells, and other particles that might get on it during the course of use. Essentially, it helps to increase the lifespan of the product and makes it easier to wash. 

At Luna, we created something a little more unique. We have what's called a Weighted Blanket & Cover Bundle Set. It features:

  • (1) Cooling weighted blanket
  • (1) Cooling duvet cover
  • (1) Fleece duvet cover

This gives users the best of both worlds all year long, and is especially great for people who can't decide which blanket is best for them (the cooling, regular cotton, or sherpa). Simply use the blanket on its own, swap the cooling duvet cover over it for the warmer months, then transition into the sherpa duvet cover for the colder months and you get multiple weighted blankets in one. Plus, it's under $100. 

All pieces are machine-washable, feature high-quality fabric (ultra-smooth mink or cooling bamboo), and hypoallergenic. There are eight loops on every corner to accommodate cover ties, making swapping between covers easier than ever and k

Get Your Luna Cotton Weighted Blanket & Cover Bundle Set Today

The Luna Weighted Blanket & Cover Bundle Set has also been naturally dyed and is free of any harmful chemicals, and it’s OEKO-TEX® 100 Certified. Simply choose your preferred size, weight, and color. Enjoy free shipping and returns, too. 


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