Our Story

We created Luna because we knew that this would be an opportunity to make a positive impact in the lives of our customers. If Luna can compliment you or your loved one's day just even a little, our job is complete.

It's our mission to not only offer the highest-quality weighted blankets on the market, at a fraction of the going price, but to also inspire a community around mental health and wellness. 



Eddie's a veteran in the health & wellness industry, having founded his first startup (Flyby) after graduating from NYU. He first took notice of the weighted blanket's potential after discovering white papers detailing their positive effects on sleep. A horrible sleeper, he gave it a try and immediately saw an improvement. 




Robin was Eddie’s first choice as a co-founder given her background in finance, marketing, and hospitality. She’s decent with numbers, and one of her goals is to drive costs down to ensure the best price for Luna customers. She's a Dallas native and holds a B.S. from Cornell University.