Anxiety Blankets: Fad or Here to Stay?

Dena Darroch @ 2019-06-27 17:12:39 -0400

Weighted blankets — also sometimes known as anxiety blankets — have become quite popular in recent years, which might lead you to believe they're a relatively new product. However, weighted blankets — and the therapy behind them — have been around for much longer.

Let’s break down some weighted blanket myths — and how they work in the first place.

What Is an Anxiety Blanket?

When you shop for an anxiety blanket, you’ll most often hear them referred to as weighted blankets. This is because weighted blankets are for much more than just anxiety (although they can be great for that, too).

Made to be just about 10 percent of a person’s body weight, anxiety blankets are designed to deliver a type of therapy called deep pressure touch stimulation. Used by occupational therapists, this therapy involves firm but gentle hugging, squeezing and pressure on the body. When it’s done right, deep pressure touch stimulation can cause the body to release dopamine and serotonin — the neurotransmitters that help regulate moods and make people feel happier.

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How an Anxiety Blanket May Help You (or a Loved One) 

At Luna, we hear from people who say their weighted blanket helps with a wide variety of health conditions. Here are just a few ways a weighted blanket may help you, your child or a loved one:

Don’t see your specific health concern? Here are 20 more benefits of weighted blanket therapy.

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Why Weighted Blankets for Anxiety Are Here to Stay

Studies have shown that deep pressure touch stimulation therapy works. Noted autism researcher Dr. Temple Grandin published her findings with the therapy in 1992. Since then, occupational therapists have used Dr. Grandin’s “squeeze machine” for decades.

While squeeze machines do work, they are bulky, heavy and quite costly. The majority of people can’t afford thousands of dollars to put one in their home. Fortunately, weighted blankets are affordable and portable. They can travel with the user, with many children taking them to school, in the car or on vacation.

Over time, people have discovered that weighted blankets can help ease the symptoms of a range of health concerns. Parents have ordered them for their kids, only to find out the weighted blanket helps them, too.

As with any popular product, there are always startup companies and online entrepreneurs looking to pump out a low-quality product at an inflated price. There are a handful of weighted blanket manufacturers that outsource their production overseas, offer a limited selection of options and offer zero customization.

There are cheap imitators, and then there are high-quality weighted blankets made with care and attention to ensure the user receives the therapeutic benefits. At Luna, we take our work seriously because we know what the research says about why anxiety blankets work and how they can help people.

Far from being a fad, weighted blankets are changing the way people sleep, rest and relax. Ready to order yours?   

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